Ensuring Safe Site Operations Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Site Safety During Covid-19 Pandemic With Elite Additions

Site Safety During Covid-19 Pandemic With Elite Additions

It’s time for everyone within the building industry to take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously.
Social distancing is a simple yet effective method to slow the spread of such virulent viruses and needs to happen on building sites around Australia right now.
Australia’s construction sites are currently “exempt” from the list of businesses to shut down, as the nation has advanced Stage Two in closing all non-essential business to contain the spread of Covid-19.
Here at Elite Additions, we are doing everything possible to make sure that everyone associated with our worksites are as safe as possible.
Our director, Scott Meyers, has a young family and understands that we all need to do our bit to ensure that we all remain as safe as possible, “it’s not necessarily for me, its for my family, friends and anyone else who may be affected by this”.
Scott also explains why keeping Elite Additions functioning during this challenging time. “It’s my responsibility that I keep my apprentices, tradespeople and clients as safe as possible, both health-wise and financially speaking”.
We also recognise that there may be a point in time whereby we need to “shut up shop” and stop work for a period of time but for now, we will continue to get your projects across the line in accordance to the guidance of the authorities.
In response to the latest measures set in place by state and federal governments, Master Builders NSW have encouraged the industry to follow appropriate guidelines.
Some building sites have implemented good hygiene practises but all sites must do this now.
Social distancing is vital on all sites – big or small. It is everybody’s responsibility to work together to make social distancing happen, whether you’re a business owner, manager, site foreman, subcontractor, we all have a part to play.
Social distancing inevitably means slower work but this is better than the extreme alternative of no work.
At this stage, it looks like the building and construction industry will be going ahead but who really knows what will happen in the coming days or weeks.
According to Tom Forrest, chief executive of the Urban Taskforce, the building and construction industry would be a critical player in driving the economy through this crisis, and as long as work sites can be considered safe or at the very least low-risk areas for the coronavirus spread, you would think we would remain open for business.
We are enforcing social distancing on all of our sites. To ensure that this happens, we make sure that only one trade will be conducting their expertise at any one time.
For example, if we require a plumber, tiler and electrician on site to start the finishing touches on a bathroom renovation, I’ll make sure that there will be no contact between these trades and enough time in between so the trades do not overlap at any time.
We will ensure that the construction site is considered safe for the next tradesperson to conduct their trade.
Under conditions prior to the coronavirus, we would ideally organise all trades to be working in complete synergy to maintain high levels of productivity to have your home improvements made in record time.
Yes, this will mean that projects may take a little longer to be completed but the health of our carpenters, tradespeople, apprentices and most of all our clients always comes first.
At Elite Additions, we also encourage our project managers, carpenters and apprentices to all use our own tools. If there is a specialised tool, we are only allowing that one person to use it even though again, it may take a little longer to finish jobs on a work site.
We have discussed with all Elite Additions employees and subcontractors that we are to minimise contact with others off-site to ensure we minimise anything we bring to the site in terms of potential viruses, and to remain home if/when they are sick.
Following all of the above practices makes our sites some of the safest construction sites in the state of New South Wales.
If you need any information at all regarding Covid-19, please visit the official NSW Health – Covid-19 website to stay up to date.
Let’s all do our bit and stay safe!
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