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Here are some of our frequently asked questions.. What is the Elite Additions process?
1. Design
It all starts with you making an appointment with one of our experienced extension/home design consultants. Please visit the Contact Us page if you would like to make an enquiry. If you already have plans you can start at the next step.
2. Plan/Estimate
Your extension/Home needs are discussed and a design/concept plan drawn up, a cost estimate is developed off these plans.
3. Council Approvals
We can submit you plans for you to speed up the process or you can take it on yourself to complete the council application process. Once approved we can begin!!!
4. Construction
Building with Elite is simple fast and elite quality, we let you know what is happening every step of the way and are happy to answer all your questions.
5. Compliance / Sign Off
Once we have finished your project it will be passed by the Certifying Authority assigned to your project.
What if we already have plans drawn up?
Fantastic! Elite Additions can give you a detailed estimate cost summary straight away free of charge if you are already up to this stage.
How do we know your quote is fair?
Elite Additions uses a professional building estimator to ensure our best price to our client and that there are no surprises during the build. This allows for accuracy and detail for all our clients.
We can also provide this service separately for you to check all the costs against a builder you may have already chosen.
Does Elite Additions handle the Council application and approval process?
Yes. Our specialist team will help you through every stage of the planning process.
Are your prices fixed?
Our prices are fixed and contracted.
We set out all prime cost items and provisional sums so you know exactly what is included and what isn’t.
What is a Prime Cost Item?
Most building contracts include provision for prime cost items and provisional sums. A prime cost item is an allowance in the contract for the supply of necessary items not yet finally selected, for example taps, tiles, oven.
What is a Provisional Sum?
A provisional sum is an allowance (or best guess), usually estimated by a cost consultant, that is inserted into tender documents for a specific element of the works that is not yet defined in enough detail for tenderers to accurately price.
For example, a kitchen where the clients haven't decided on the type of layout or bench top.
Does Elite Additions provide the plans?
Yes we can! We have a in house team of draftspeople that can help with the design and have your plans drawn up to suit your needs that comply with council.
We are very accommodating so if you happen to have plans already drawn up, we would be happy to work with those existing plans.
What should I expect as a standard response time to a query?
Our response time to a phone or web enquiry is usually within 24 hours or one business day.
Can I live in my house during construction?
This depends entirely on your particular extension or renovation - it is on a case to case basis at this stage.
If you have adequate space that is not being touched by the builder and can safely live with the dust noise and discomfort of tradesman being in your house this could be an option for you. In saying this, most of our clients choose not to.
What is the difference between fibre cement sheeting and brick in-fills?
Fibre cement sheeting is a cladding product that is standard on most of our homes above any openings. You are able to upgrade to brick in-fills in these areas if you desire.
How can you be sure that your work is high quality?
To ensure the quality of all Elite Additions home improvements / new home builds we have all of our projects independently inspected by Council and Private Certifiers - which is an industry standard for you to continue living in your dwelling.
At Elite Additions, we always use the highest quality materials to build or improve your home. We've actually had past clients contact us years after completing their home addition, extension or renovation telling us that they're still over the moon with the work we did!


You may well need more questions answered, if this is the case then feel free to contact Elite Additions today.
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