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Our Process

Our Process
The aim of this meeting is to understand what you want from us as a builder in addition to providing you with unique & practical solutions. Another important part of this meeting is to prepare a budget and to make sure that we are all on the same page. From here, we take the concept plans and submit all of the relevant documents to the local council to ensure a smooth an efficient process. Once your plans have been approved Scott and his team can commence creating your new home!
1. Our first meeting
It all begins when you meet Elite Additions owner and builder, Scott, on site for a site inspection and absolutely free of charge. If you already have plans drawn up we can provide you with a free quote to your personal specifications. If you don’t have plans drawn up, we can look after that for you. At Elite Additions, we have the skills and experience to provide different home renovation layouts showing the latest and greatest trends in home improvement ideas.
2. Concept plans - scope of work
After our first meeting, we then prepare initial concept design plans and a preliminary cost estimate based on those sketches. If you happen to already have plans or an approval drafted up, we can work with them and provide you with a competitive quote based on those plans.
3. Completed plans – council approval
Once you are satisfied with your new home improvement design, we then prepare the complete set of plans, specifications and other documentation for Council Approval. It is all too common that once these plans have been submitted to your local council - it all too often turns into a waiting game. However, at Elite Additions we always suggest to our clients that this is the perfect time to get some necessities lined up before digging or demolition begins:

1. Confirm Your Finance

With banks updating their rates and contracts on a regular basis, it would be wise to check that you have your finances in order to make the building process as smooth as possible.

2. Selecting Your Finishes

This can take time particularly if you are negotiating which kitchen benchtop finish is perfect for your home with your partner. We advise our clients to look into deciding these finishes before construction begins so as a builder, we can plan ahead and finish the project on time.

3. Prepare For Construction

There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that we can start as soon as legally possible. You'll need to plan for builder/contractor traffic through your home by creating easy access routes and storage space for their tools and materials for the home improvement project. Now would also be a good time to organise your own living arrangements if you need to relocate until the project is complete so you can save time on the project length. Another thing to note is making sure your neighbours know that you are planning major works on your home since there may be inconvenience caused to them with additional vehicles parked on the street and more noise than usual. Following the advice from the above three points, you can make great use of time particularly if you want to get the start date kicked off as soon as possible!
4. Fixed price contracts
At Elite Additions we provide Fixed Price Contracts to ensure your project doesn't blow out. I’m sure you’ve heard of the horror stories associated with hourly rates and the price of materials adding up to an unaffordable sum! This is why we prefer these types of contracts – we want to be as transparent as possible so you can trust us from the get-go.
Once your project has been approved by your local council, the next step is obtaining your Home Warranty Insurance certificate. Once we have obtained your construction certificate we can start building your new home.