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As a quality home builder, Elite Additions are the home building specialists. We are the first choice for custom project homes and knockdown rebuilds.
For custom designed homes in Sydney, you cannot go past Elite Additions. We are the first choice custom builders in Sydney. We have built up a big reputation for custom project homes and knockdown rebuilds. We offer a large range of single storey and double storey designs as well as granny flats and split level homes to boot. Do you dream of living in a state of the art home with an abundance of unique finishes? Whether you're looking to knock down and rebuild your old home, or have purchased a property to redevelop, we can provide solutions to best fit your needs. Elite Additions is a leading home builder and a true expert in knockdown rebuilds. Our experience, innovative home designs and construction expertise have made us a leader in the knock down rebuild field.We are expert custom builders too in Sydney. What sets us above the rest is that you speak with a real and qualified builder about your future home – not some sleazy salesperson who ghosts you once you sign the contract.
Custom Design
Should I Renovate Or Invest In A New Build?
Picture this, your dream home for your growing family. It can bet totally customised to suit your lifestyle or any specific taste you may have. You live in an area where everything you need is within a few kilometres and you want to remain living there. A custom-built home by Elite Additions would be the perfect solution! You can keep your routines, your children will be enrolled in the same school with their friends and you have left the friendly neighbourhood you have got accustomed to over the years. Depending on how intensive your renovations may be, starting from scratch with a new home build may be a better decision financially. If your home has some nasty surprises, it may cost a small fortune to repair them. The benefit of building a new home is that once the foundations are laid, everything else is left up to the home builder to construct it from the ground up – no nasty surprises that need to be fixed! We have home designs to suit almost every lifestyle. With Elite Additions, there is no need to compromise on your home layout, interior finishes or fixtures — we can literally customise (almost) everything! Afterall, we are among the leading custom builders in Sydney. If you are in need of professional advice for your home, call Scott from Elite Additions today on 0433 765 885.
We want you to imagine, discover, and go on a journey with us to design a house that is one-of-a-kind and perfectly suited to your tastes as well as your lifestyle. Elite Additions are the home building specialists in Sydney. We are the first choice for custom project homes and knockdown rebuilds. Our custom builders take the necessary time and attention to design and construct your house within your budget. It will be done according to the specifications that you and your family have envisioned for it. The process of building a house to one's exact specifications may be difficult for various reasons. The reputation of Elite Additions is built on consistently providing exceptional custom homes to customers who have high expectations for their new residence. We encourage you to get in contact with our reputed custom builders in Sydney so that we can help you take the first step towards constructing the house that you and your family will be thrilled to call home.
Elite Additions is the company to go to if you are searching for highly-regarded custom builders near Sydney, who will take care of everything for you. Our team of specialists is more than capable of managing every tiny detail that is involved in your house construction project — from the beginning all the way to the end since we have years of experience working in this sector. In addition, we promise that the finished home will meet and even exceed all your expectations. Call the best custom builders in Sydney today on 0433 765 885 for a free quote!