Over the years, we have gained the understanding that consulting a draftsperson/architect, builder, engineer and council/private certifier can be stressful and challenging, particularly if you haven't been through the process before! For this reason, we perform our drawings in-house so we can design your extension, renovation, addition or new home build and obtain all of the necessary permits that are required. Being in the residential building industry for over a decade now, Scott appreciates the importance of having a builder who understands the building process like the back of your hand. After having family and friends complain of builders who don't know the ins-and-outs of the process, we made sure that it was to never happen with Elite Additions. We have our drafting and designs performed by our highly reputable in-house Building Designer so we can so you get exactly what you want from your investment.


We provide plans for a wide range of residential construction projects including:
We can provide you with a unique concept plan so you can see your expectations coming to life. This will include both a floor plan as well as an elevation plan which we can update and change as you please until you are satisfied to continue with the full set of plans for council submission.


Every project that we build is unique in its own special way. Some of the most common variables can include basic design, location, materials, council requirements, fire zones, flood zones and soil types. Fortunately, the planning process and council approval process are consistent. We've broken down the process into smaller bite-sized pieces so we can make it a whole lot simpler for you.
  • Free initial quote and acceptance
  • Site Measurement
  • Drafting of existing structure
  • First issue of Concept Plans released
  • Free Builders Estimate with Concept Plans
  • Amended Concept Plans (if changes are required)
  • Plan amendments and/or consultation input as required (for example, Engineers Certification, Arborist Report, etc)
  • Council Submission
  • Council Approval
  • Final Builders Quote (FREE WITH ELITE ADDITIONS!)
  • Contract Signing
  • Home Warranty Insurance is provided
  • Deposit to be paid to Elite Additions
  • Construction Certificate obtained
We offer home design services for residential projects in Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. At Elite Additions, we offer an obligation-free quote and initial consultation. Call us on 0433 765 885 or email us at for more information!