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Get High Quality First Floor Additions Near Sydney

Adding another storey to your house can add value and space to your home. This is a cost effective way of creating a significantly larger and more stylish home while bumping up its resale value. Elite Additions have been building first floor additions around Sydney for many years. The costs of our first floor additions in Sydney are pretty reasonable too.

Why should you consider a second storey addition?

At Elite Additions, we specialise in ground floor extensions, first floor additions, as well as custom built homes. When a family is contemplating creating more living space in their dwelling they often have many questions that they need answers for before they commit to their best value option. One of the most common questions we get asked are:
  • Why should we build our home upwards instead of outwards?
  • What makes a second storey home addition such a great idea?
  • We’ve been advised by one builder to extend our home further back, and another has advised us to build a second storey – which improvement is best for us?
We want to make things as easy as possible for you, so we’re providing you with some benefits of adding a second storey to your home. Just remember, if you need specific advice you need to call Scott our owner / builder so he can give you the best value for your particular situation! Feel free to ask him about first floor additions to your Sydney home.
You gain more living space without relocating
Gaining much more living space without relocating altogether is probably the biggest advantage of adding a second storey to your current home. If you are located in an area with great schools, shops, services, opportunities and that community feel that you just love, you might not want to move to a bigger dwelling at all. With a second storey addition, you can keep those perks and familiar routines while acquiring more living space. It really is the best of both worlds – once the renovation is complete, of course! If you’re planning for the future to provide more living area that your family needs in order to grow, then a large-scale home renovation might be the solution that Elite Additions can provide for you. If you’re an established family but need to look after your parents, we can design that second storey so that it is virtually self-contained.
You retain your existing outdoor space
Why sacrifice your front garden or backyard to extend the size of your home, when you can simply build on top of the ground floor and retain your outdoor space? Adding a second storey is the smart way to go, especially if you need additional space in a house that has already been built on a small block of land. This tactic allows you keep as much of your backyard as you had before! PICTURE THIS: a designer alfresco living area flowing from a back Merbau deck stepping down to a pool, bounded by a lovely garden and an amazing playground for your children and pets. Elite Additions can do this all for you!
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Adding another storey to your house can add value and space to your home. This is a cost effective way of creating a

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You can create beautiful views
If you live in a picturesque location, a second storey is a great way to take advantage of these amazing views that your home may potentially have. If you live near the ocean, if we build a second storey on your property, you can have amazing water views. Just imagine brushing your teeth while taking in the beauty of the beach like it’s on your doorstep! We have constructed decks and wrap-around balconies where our clients relax while the sun goes down over the distant hills – all while never relocating.
Catching two fish with one worm!
A more practical solution if you’re wanting to update your entire home design downstairs while a second storey is being erected. This can be efficient since we can catch two fish with one worm, per se, by adding that second storey and renovating the first floor at the same time! This will not only save time but also cut the costs down significantly since it is more convenient for us too! We have had clients in the past wanting the first floors’ interior to match the updated second floor so the interior design flows more fluidly as opposed to only updating the second storey itself! We can also repair issues or problems your home may have as it will be more accessible during the building stage anyway. Some people opt to upgrade windows, doors or even install a ducted air conditioning solution so they can feel comfortable all year round.Let the leading first floor additions builder in Sydney handle all your work for you! We make sure it would not cost you the earth too.
You can add value to your home
Last but definitely not least, building a high quality second storey can raise the market value of your home if you are thinking about selling your property in the future. By adding an addition to your home is particularly good value if you are located in a highly sought after residential area. If your home is located near reliable infrastructure, services, business, schools and shops; having it on the market as a two storey dwelling with additional bedrooms and living spaces can help you snatch a significantly higher price than before the renovations!
Why build with elite additions?
Have you been thinking about increasing your home by a bedroom or two? Do you have a young, growing family which you need to plan for? Instead of relocating, (which is such a hassle - believe you, me) why don’t you call Elite Additions for a free consultation. In order to get an accurate and value-packed price for your home upgrade, it is best if you walk us through your plans. We service all across the northern suburbs of Sydney spanning from Rouse Hill all the way across Galston Gorge to Hornsby down to Parramatta. Our aim is to help you achieve your dreams by making the building process as easy as possible, guaranteeing the absolute best quality.
When you want to provide additional living space for your family, extending your house is a fantastic option to consider; there is no need to relocate from your magnificent home if you want to remodel instead. Elite Additions have all the necessary expertise to successfully oversee the design and construction of these major projects. Get in contact with us as soon as possible! You can ask for the cost of the first floor additions in Sydney before making up your mind. Contact Scott from Elite Additions today on 0433 765 885 for arrange a free quote.