To determine a price straight off the bat is challenging even for homebuilding experts like us at Elite Additions. Often, we have clients call us and ask "how much is it for a home addition?" and it's almost impossible for us to answer. We can only assume that other builders offer packages because they aren't as customised or as high-quality as our additions, extensions or renovations. We treat every single one of our projects like its' our own - that's the Elite difference. Our conversations with clients often go like this: Elite Additions: What exactly are you looking for? Client: A first floor addition on our freestanding home. How much will it cost approximately? Elite Additions: Perfect. Do you have plans drawn up? Client: Not at the moment, can you tell me how much it will cost? Elite Additions: Unfortunately, we need more details. What spaces do you want within this addition? What is your budget?  Client: I'm not sure, maybe an extra 2 bedrooms and a bathroom? Elite Additions: I can give you a REALLY, REALLY rough price but if you want best value, we need to know much more about exactly what will be involved. It looks like it will be between $200k - $300k Client: Why the huge range in prices? Elite Additions:  As we said, it's really difficult to determine an exact amount. To give you the BEST VALUE, we need to know more. We would recommend our Preliminary Package which will include concept plans, a detailed survey asking you all the RIGHT questions and a detailed builders quote for $1540.


We completely understand and appreciate questions coming from clients because they want to learn - which is what we love! In saying this we, along with any other business, want to keep this part of the process as efficient as possible, so we will often grab your email address or your phone number and discuss with you further so we're all on the same page. We can then offer you one of two options: 1) a FREE Feasibility Report 2) a CUSTOM Preliminary Package ($1540)


The FREE feasibility report is a standard free quote that you would receive from any other builder. It will give you a rough price range after a brief consultation with you. The price will be a range or a "give or take" scenario, for example, "the addition will be $3,000 per square metre and your additional space will be 50 square metres. $3000 x 50 = (very approximate) $200,000 total This could be completely wrong so do not take this number at face value. We also want to add, we're always happy to help out so if you're unsure, just give Elite Additions a call and we'll take a look at it!


This package is NOT free. We spend hours of our time developing this totally customised plan for you and we are sure that if you knew HOW much time we had spent on it, you'd probably offer to pay us more! This package includes: 1. Survey
This survey is sent to you and it asks ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS so we're both on the right page.
The survey itself takes time to go through but it is absolutely essential for us to get these Concept Plans drawn up.
2. Concept Plan You can actually visualise your dream improvements to your abode. It's once our clients see their plans drawn up that they actually decide to adjust or change details about what they want. From the clients' perspective, it's probably the most helpful part of the Preliminary Package as visualising your new home is such a powerful thing. 3. Detailed Builders Quote We've had clients in the past praising the details that go into our special Builders Quote. We break down EVERYTHING, and we mean everything from the costing breakdown to the exact number of bricks we will need for a specific wall. You'll be impressed - trust us! For those of you who have already have a DA Approved plan drawn up, as long as you have your finances in order - you're good to go!


If you're not sure where to get started, we would be more than happy to schedule an appointment to talk you through our building process. Call Elite Additions today on 0433 765 885 or shoot us an email at!