The Croydon - Elite Additions
The Croydon


Standard Included items are as follows

- Set out of the works

- Connections of temporary power and water

- Toilets (To use owner’s toilet unless otherwise stated)

- Security, access & safety rails, tarps, covered ways, dust screens, fences, and guard rails

- Scaffold, lifts and cranes, supports, hoists, platforms, plant and equipment

- Signboard, noticeboard

- Site set up

- Critical stage inspection meetings

- Client/Architect meetings

- All skip bins included in price

Standard Included items are as follows

- Public Liability up to 20 Million

- Home warranty insurance eligibility

- Workers compensation

- Builders insurance

- Builders licence registration costs

- Accounting costs

- Safety equipment, hazard & traffic management, safe-working requirements, health/safety records & analysis, supervision & training, induction, protective clothing & the like

- Administration both on and off-site

- Liability of making good defects after practical completion

- Charts, programs and schedules to show and help maintain progress of trade and Subcontract organisation.

Croydon Light

Croydon Light

Croydon Light

We are pleased to be able to present our quotation proposal for your Granny Flat as set out in the
drawings and specifications and discussions we have had.

Please make sure that when comparing prices you’re also comparing what’s included in the different
quotations. Naturally, if different builders are offering different designs and different inclusions, then the
price WILL be different. It is also important to be aware of items that are NOT included, as these will also
have a bearing on the price.

Please note that we have costed your job as economically as possible using only the best quality materials
and labor.

Only the items shown have been included in this quotation. If sections are blank, they have not been included.
Price subject to site engineers’ plans

* Slab: 300mm waffle pod x 25mpa Slab (Subject to engineer)

* Steel Mesh: F72 Steel Mesh

As per Slab Details: Under Slab Sand 50mm

* Termite Control: Under Slab Pest Control

* Waterproofing: Plastic Membrane

As required: Formwork per m2 of Slab

As per Slab Details: 225mm Foam Waffle Pods

Piers: 300 x 500 x 25mpa Footing

As per Engineer’s requirements: 11 x 300 Trench Mesh

As required: Backhoe to dig a LM of Footing

As required: Concrete Pump per Hour (Complete)