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Elite Additions are a team of expert home builders who specialise in the construction of custom-made, high-quality family homes in Ryde. Our homes are intended to perfectly complement the families’ ways of life and will fit your budget. We begin by cultivating a relationship based on mutual trust. Then we work to get an understanding of your needs and preferences about design. Finally, we put all of this information to use in the construction of your dream house giving you the chance to have your say about the design and fittings etc. Our vast expertise ranges from architectural homes to townhouses, single- and two-story buildings, major or minor residences, extensions to existing family homes, and even investment properties. Yes, we are perfectly capable of completing any of these projects. If you like, we may design and draft the blueprints for you, or you can send us the designs you already have. We have experience working with a wide variety of architects and builders in Ryde, and we are delighted to collaborate with anybody you want. In addition, we are able to provide guidance and services in the areas of site evaluations and feasibility studies, as well as planning, subdivision, and development.

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Our clients are our number one concern, and we are aware that there are four essential components that must be present in order to successfully create their ideal house.
These essential components set us apart from other builders in the industry and guarantee that your time spent with us will be stress-free and pleasurable:
Trust Trust is an essential component, in the eyes of Elite Additions, to establishing and maintaining a collaborative working relationship with our clients. Call Us Now
Because our houses are made to order, it takes a little bit more effort on our part to make sure that your choices are accurate and that it is personalised to meet the needs of your household and the way you live.
Communication You are provided with consistent updates and have direct contact with our builders. In the event that there is anything more that you want information about, be sure to enquire! Because of our many years of expertise in the construction industry, we are able to provide excellent guidance. Keeping you updated during the planning and development stages is our priority. After all this is your home and your investment. Quality Regardless of the particulars of the construction, the quality is guaranteed by our company. When it comes to delivering on our quality standards, we hold both our team and our craftsmen responsible. And since we are expert builders, we stand behind every single one of our creations with a solid warranty.
Transparency You will be expertly guided by our professionals through the whole construction process, beginning with the planning stage and ending with the delivery of the keys to your new home. You will have access to our colour consultant so that they can assist you in making excellent choices. You will get weekly updates on your development, in addition to having access to our building software, which will allow you to see first-hand where the schedule stands and how your budget is tracking.

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We take great pleasure in our meticulousness and the high quality of our work. We are here to help you through each step of the construction, from the level of conceptualisation all the way to the stage of handing over your home. We stand behind the quality of our work by providing not just a warranty from our certified builders, but a personal guarantee from Elite Additions. Elite Additions is primarily a locally-run business that specialises in the construction of houses that are ideal for families all across Ryde and its surrounding regions.
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